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+ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO is a company that produces daily-used interior items. We make our products to have a convenient function, nature soul and entertaining feature. We hope our products can be special for someone.


It is a leaf shaped ball-point pen which grows in a pencil case on a desk. In the 3 color POOLEAF pens, we put in the naturalness as the leaves in nature change with the passage of time. With a harmless silicon made stem part, you can feel a soft grip and sensibility of a gently blown leaf. A pencil case with Poolleaf becomes a pot and there will be your only pot in which a refreshing leaf grows on your desk.

*****Please check it. It is 3ea pens only. Not include flowerpot.


  • Material:Silicone, ABS, Black ballpen
  • Size:10(W) x 10(D) x 280(H)mm
  • Type:Frest green / Spring green / Yellow green
  • Price info:$15 (USD)
  • Payments:Paypal
  • Memo:
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