BOOK HOSE is a house shape bookshelf. You can enjoy to store the books with regular size. Beyond the bookshelf storing books simply, you can use it as a BOOK MARK along with the reading. In the time of reading, when you put the book you were reading on a roof of the BOOK HOUSE, it can create various roofs according to a shape and design of the book. You can use it more efficiently than current bookshelves, BOOK HOUSE will give you new sensibility as a gift.


  • Item:BOOK - HOUSE
  • Material:Steel 1.5mm
  • Size:200(D) x 160(W) x 340(H)
  • Type:White / Black / Red
  • Price info:$45 (USD)
  • Payments:Paypal
  • Option:
  • Memo:
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