ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO / 2013 – Product
Designed by Chang youn Kang, Lee seul gi


‘Chipstick’ is a design tool for designers and product developers. It is a tool to help you carry out the detailed design work required for product development. The basic composition of ‘Chipstick’ consists of chamfer, round, emboss, intaglio, vent hole, and corrosion based on a ‘ruler’. The ruler can be used with gradation and chamfer and round are designed so that the size of the scale of the ruler can tell the changing value of the edge. The emboss and intaglio can check to see how much it is going to pop out and enter the gradation. At the rear, you can see the surface treated with corrosion. ‘Chipstick’ is a tool that you can use to realize what the product developers and designers have imagined.

Item Chipstick Material ABS
Size 300(W) x 48(D) x 6.5(H)mm Type One color
Price info $ 15(USD) Payments KOREA/NAVER STOREFARM