Ballpoint pen

PZEUP DESGIN STUDIO / 2013 – Product
Designed by Chang youn Kang, Lee Seul gi


‘Pooleaf’ is a ballpoint pen in a leaf shape. The tree colors of ‘Pooleaf’ capture the changes of nature over time. Its silicone surface is harmless to the human body and provides a soft grip and the gentle whispering of grass leaves.
While writing, ‘Pooleaf’ gives the soft feeling of grass swaying in the wind. You can create a natural atmosphere by using ‘Pooleaf’ and ‘Beauleaf’ together. A small magnet is embedded in the front of the ballpoint pen, so it can be stood one end on a metal surface. If you use all the ‘Pooleaf’ ballpoint pens, you can simply put them in a small flowerpot for a pleasant visual addition to your own space.

Item POOLEAF PEN 3EA Material ABS / Silicone / 0.5 black ink / Magnet
Size 10(W) x 10(D) x 280(H) mm Type Forest green / Spring green / Yellow green
Price info $ 15(USD) Payments PAYPAL