Transparent Dryer

Hair Dryer

Unix Electronics / 2017 / Product Design
Designed by Jiyoun Kim, Junyoung Jang

In 2017, JiyounKim Studio and Unix Electronic initiated a new design project for dryers with innovative concepts. In comparison to the Unix’s previous model, pureness and softness were the core concepts of the new dryer. In Korean dryer market, price is the most important factor deciding its success in the market. Just like Unix’s previous model, minimizing the production cost and differentiating Unix’s dryer from competitors’ were the key strategies for Unix.

From this project, JiyounKim Studio created the design concept called “pure and clean wind”. This design concept removed all unnecessary parts and employed the transparent PC material on the posterior side of the device. Refracted lights through the transparent material allowed the dryer to have visual effects. By focusing the design concepts on the side where air enters the dryer, Jiyoun Kim efficiently produced the design language that is completely differentiated from others.

Lightning Lamp: The Early Morning